Commercial Sponsorship Packages

The name Harland and Wolff is a synonymous name worldwide with shipbuilding in Northern Ireland. 

Harland and Wolff Welders F.C. are now offering comprehensive sponsorship packages for Members, Companies, Small Businesses, Individuals and Family Syndicates to link themselves with this world renowned brand.  With the local football scene now getting more and more coverage in the local media, publicity in this way is a cost effective option for potential advertisers.  We have marketing proposals to suit all budgets both large and small.  With the present economic downturn Harland and Wolff Welders can offer good value of money to you and your company.

We are offering the following which are detailed below -

Ground Signage Advertising.
Player Sponsorship.


Ground advertising at Tillysburn Park is an excellent chance for you or your company to promote your product to a wide audience of users.  At present we have some big name sponsors with some already extending their contracts. 

We have some excellent sites available, some of which can be seen even when the football ground is not being used.  Your company may provide your own signage or alternatively Harland and Wolff Welders can arrange the sign for you at competitive terms to your own specifications.